Nutrilite and My Recovery

Beyond the acceptance of my health conditions, personal and family effort; Faith, Hope and Love that are fundamental factors for the recovery not only of body but of spirit; I have discovered that most conditions have an origin not only physical but also emotional. Topic that we will touch another time.

However in the physical part, many of the conditions are in many cases produced by cellular malnutrition. That is, the food and nutrients that each cell needs are no longer present or lose the necessary absorption capacity.

With the knowledge I have of my gastrointestinal deficiency as a result of the use of corticosteroids (Prednisolone) and my inability to absorb nutrients; But with the total belief that the body is extremely intelligent and has the regenerative capacity if we provide the necessary environment, conditions and elements; I decided to look for a natural alternative that would allow me to supplement the daily diet and guarantee a more balanced level of nutrition.

In my search and after trying different options, I not only made nutritional changes but I was fortunate to find Nutrilite.

Nutrilite Claudiapcollazos

NUTRILITE, has become a leader in nutrition research, development and innovation. Nutrilite supplements have benefits not only for people with medical conditions, but for anyone who wants to ensure a balanced diet, have energy and stay young and healthy.

All its products are made from plant concentrates, The Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through research, education and practical and personalized solutions and its creator Carl Rehnborg believed that this was The Best Way to achieve good nutrition naturally.

Thanks to its supplements, I have achieved a recovery sooner. My level of energy, concentration and motor capacity is greater and the level of pain has been greatly reduced. As well as regenerate the hair tissue, starting to produce hair in less than 90 days.

The recovery process is not immediate, but in my case you see remarkable changes and above all a better quality of life.

If I have been helped, surely you too.

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